Vintage 1930s Lucky Ring Beading Pattern (1138)

Vintage 1930s Lucky Ring Beading Pattern (1138)

This pattern is for a 1935 vintage “Lucky Indian Ring.” This vintage ring can be made for boys or girls – or made BY boys and girls. Colors can be mixed and matched in a variety of ways to give your ring either a masculine or feminine look. You don't need to stick with the black/red Western theme -- for example, you could use pink beads for a Barbie look, red/blue for a Spiderman look or yellow/blue for a SpongeBob look.

This vintage pattern would also make a perfect project for Cub, Boy or Girl Scouts. Because the size is determined by how many rows you string with beads, this pattern could also be used as a bracelet for dolls.

INCLUDES: Full instructions for completing. The materials listing is basic, requiring only wire and beads, with the bead count based on the size of the ring you want to make.

NOTE: Vintage patterns many times reference material brands no longer available, but do reference colors, size, weight, etc. Choose your supplies from current manufacturers using the original materials list as a guide.

DELIVERY: This pattern is a digital download. Upon receipt of payment, an email will be sent containing a PDF file of your pattern. No domestic or international shipping charges.