Manual of Ladies Hairdressing for Students -- ...

Manual of Ladies Hairdressing for Students -- ...


Manual of Ladies Hairdressing for Students -- Over 35 Authentic Victorian Hairstyles With Instructions
by A. Mallemont

{softcover, 88 pages, 6x9, 2008, ISBN: 1934268690}


Originally published in 1899, this rare book contains detailed instructions and illustrations for recreating the elegant and romantic styles of the Victorian era. The book begins with details on how to comb, cut, part and fasten the hair before styling and then illustrates how to create the:

- twist
- coil
- "8"
- gordian knot
- grecian knot
- apollo knot
- marteau bow
- raised hand bow
- raised bandeaux (Marie Stuart style)
- raised pompadour (Marie Antoinette Style)
- raised bandeaux worn in Louis XV style
- Virgin Mary bandeau
- Empress bandeaux (worn by Empress Eugenie)
- Cleo bandeau
- waved coiffure
- water wave curl coiffure
- catogan plait coiffure
- neck coiffure
- curled coiffure
- high coiffure
- coiffure puff (Louis XV)
- coiffure with puff and side parting
- raised wave coiffure
- coiffure of waved bandeau
- coiffure with comb
- coiffure with crescent ornament
- ribbon loop coiffure
- coiffure with interlaced ribbon
- young lady ball coiffure
- opera coiffure
- grand soiree coiffure
- wedding coiffure

Techniques begin with easy-to-use twists and pinning, with each progressive style getting a little more difficult and/or combining multiple techniques. Long hair can be worked in the styles, but guidance is also provided for adding hair pieces to create fullness. Items such as frizzettes (hair combs with false hair pieces), switches and wiglets are used. Vintage techniques for creating desired effects with hair -- how to make ringlet curls, waves, waving in hairpins, waving on ivory sticks, waving with an iron (Marcel pattern) and water waving -- as well as adding hair ornaments to the hairstyles (ribbons, combs, feathers, flowers) are illustrated with completed hairstyles providing authentic (see more below)
  • Details

    representations of curls, waves and ornament placement worn in the Victorian era. All styles are described within the text with an illustration of the completed hairstyle showing the end results.

    A small chapter covers wedding coiffures and how to position the veil over your hairstyle for Jewish, Spanish and Renaissance style veils. The final chapter covers powdered coiffures. This techniques was used to obtain a lighter shade, an ash color or more reddish tint for a woman's hair. Vintage techniques for this process are discussed as well as four additional hairstyles using a combination of style techniques already learned: Louis XV powdered coiffure, Louis XV coiffure marquise, Louis XVI powdered coiffure, and Louis XVI coiffure with plumes.