Creative Hairshaping and Hairstyling You Can ...

Creative Hairshaping and Hairstyling You Can ...


Creative Hairshaping and Hairstyling You Can Do -- Cutting, Rolling, Curling and Waving Instructions for 1940s Hairstyles
by Ivan Anderson

{softcover, 119 pages, 6.69x9.61, 2008, ISBN: 1934268844}


Originally published in 1947, this rare hairstyling book will teach you how to roll, curl and wave your way to recreating fantastic 1940s hairstyles. The author was a hairdressing expert and designed this book with comprehensive instructions and over 200 demonstrative illustrations of the techniques used to style hair in the 1940s. Considered a textbook for beauty culture schools, practicing hairstylists and the average woman wanting to do her own hairstyling, this book is an informative learning guide. The book covers:

- Basic Waves: shadow, narrow and wide wave
- Half-Waves: horizontal, diagonal, vertical, and stand-up
- Basic Curls: pin, sculpture and overlapping curls
- Basic Rolls: top reverse, top half-wave reverse, top full wave
reverse, side reverse, side half-wave reverse, side full wave
reverse and top half-wave forward rolls
- Pompadours: straight back, full wave and half-wave pompadours
- Bangs: fluff, forward roll, half-wave, full wave, french and
fringe bangs

The author then takes these curls, rolls and waves and details how to combine them to create more than 25 hairstyles.

For those readers wanting technical knowledge, this book covers a bit of hairstyle history, terminology and his method of hairshaping. Six haircuts -- shingle, shingle plus, baby, middy, middy plus and long -- are detailed with both text and illustrations. Another chapter covers the artistic portion of hairstyling, instructing you in obtaining correct balance and using suggested hairstyles to aesthetically fix problems such as a crooked nose, narrow temples, long face, short face, long neck, large ears, etc. Correct hairstyles for oval, round, square, long and heart shaped faces are also provided.