Creative Hair Styling -- 1940s Swirls, Curls ...

Creative Hair Styling -- 1940s Swirls, Curls ...


Creative Hair Styling -- 1940s Swirls, Curls and Water Waving Techniques
by Alfred Morris

{softcover, 151 pages, 6.69x9.61, 2008, ISBN: 1934268836}


Originally published in 1948 and considered to be one of the rarest styling books of the era, this book covers general principles of hairdressing as well as the components necessary to create fantastic 1940s styles. Creating pin curls, direction of lines, proper finger positions, and other techniques are demonstrated.

The author breaks the hairstyle portion of the book down into 12 basic pin curl settings with detailed illustrations. These pin curl settings are numbered, with each hairstyle referencing the number of the pin curl setting to use when creating each style. Twelve hairstyles are demonstrated with an easy-to-use chart. Another 9 hairstyles with instructions are located in the Swirl, Sweep and Roll chapters and an additional 11 hairstyles can be found in the Hair Style Designs chapter of the book. Beautiful updos still fashionable today can be learned from this book including the Bolster Roll, Olympia, Harmony, Aspiration, Prestige, Magnifique and many others.

A large section of the book is devoted to water waving with 34 illustrations and 20 pages walking you through the process of setting the hair, joining the waves, placing the curls, and then creating different hairstyles based on the parting of the hair including a center parting, full pompadour, semi-pompadour, and double dip pompadour. Instructions are also provided for creating waves using setting combs.

The book also contains chapters on:

- Shaping and Tapering for Successful Styling
- Art of Curling
- Art and Practice of Water Waving
- Hairline and Practical Setting
- Water Waving With Setting Combs
- Drying the Hair After Water Waving
- Definition of Beauty
- Principles of Physiognomy
- Styling to Type
- Adapting Postiche to Modern Hairdressing
- Cockscomb Design
- and much more